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Electric works & Control systems

Renewal Energy

Maintenance & Operation works

Qualified team work

Rehabilitation for sewage treatment plants

Re-Designing & implementation

Oil & Gas and mining applications

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Pumps for diverse applications

For integrated solutions

1940, is a world leader in pumps and motors

An Ingeteam Brand

Rehabilitation for sewage treatment plants

Re-Designing & implementation

50 years’ experience in water utilities

Deep well pumps




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SDN Co., is one of the leading companies in water wells service, it has previous experience in implementation several projects of wells fields in different regions in the Kingdom, it has all the capabilities and ability to find technical solutions with high-quality equipment’s to solve challenges of wells.


Acts of well and maintenance

• Well maintenance, restoration, development, decontamination and flow rate testing
• Stop water flows (using gels, polymer systems, active magnetic materials, etc.)
• Stop water flows behind packaging tubes.
• Cleaning the wells of the sand and calcareous gypsum
• Geophysical and geophysical imaging services and soil report.
• Maintenance and operation of well equipment, including submersible pumps, control panels, operating cables, lifting pipes, evacuation lines, all valves and joints.
This is done through highly trained and qualified staff with the best equipment to put them in the service of the  

Studies and Design

Through an integrated technical system and a group of consultants engineers with accumulated experience in the field of water and drainage, SDN offers its customers a package of services which are:
• WATER CAD calculations
• Calculations of water flows and hydraulic water line designs (WATER FLOW FRICTION LOSSES)
• Water hammer calculations.
• Design pressure tanks on water transmission and distribution lines.
• Review designs and recalculate cost.
• Value engineering and business feasibility.
• Prepare project execution schedules.

Acts of water and drainage

SDN provides integrated solutions to the water and sanitation infrastructure, and is committed to the correct ethical and professional rules in the implementation of all stages of work, according to local and international standards, and administrative procedures governing the relationship between the parties in light of transparency and clarity.
• RO water treatment plants
• Domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants.
• Implementing transport and distribution networks for drinking water and sewage networks.
• Flood and rainwater drainage networks.
• Works of water tanks and transmission lines
• Drain and drain the water of ponds and lakes behind dams.

Electricity works and Control

• Design and implementation of mid-voltage air and ground electrical networks.
• Interconnecting units, including RMU MV METERED.
• Transformers, poles and cutters for pneumatic networks.
• Transformers and circuit breakers of different capacities and sizes
• Fiber optic cables, SCADA system and remote control enclosure
• Ground and wire cables for networks including up to 36 KV.
• Connection works and finishes up to 36 KV.
• Stations packaged in all capacities and linked from source to consumers.
• Progressive, direct, Delta, and other control panels.

Mechanical works

SDN's infrastructure is specifically designed to provide integrated solutions and services for electromechanical works in the Saudi construction and construction market, as the core environment that has been established is Al Mosa Group specialized in the field for more than 40 years. "
• Water and sewage systems.
• Water pumping and drainage systems.
• Discharge of flood and flood waters
• Drainage of ponds and lakes.
• Sewage treatment plants
• Industrial waste treatment plants
• Reverse Osmosis Processing Plants (RO)
• Fire fighting units: electric and diesel.

Maintenance and operation

We seek to expand and spread, and our services are constantly increasing, according to plans and mechanisms of renewed work, and team interconnected, working in a sound administrative environment, which gave us the opportunity to get many projects in this unique magazine that our beloved society.
• Maintenance and operation of lift stations and water distribution networks.
• Maintenance and operation of sewage treatment plants.
• Maintenance and operation of surface and deep water wells. And accessories thereto.
• Maintenance and repair of centrifugal and submersible pumps, and industrial pumps

Green Energy







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